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Who Visits?

IQDEX Iraqi Attendees

IQDEX attracts many high official attendees from Iraq:

1. The representative of the President of the Republic
2. Deputy Prime Minister
3. Minister of Defense
4. Minister of Interior
5. Minister of Communications
6. Chairman of the parliament Security & Defense Committee
7. Deputy chairman of parliament Security & Defense Committee
8. Member of Parliamentary Security & Defense Committee
9. Military Adviser to the Prime Minister
10. Rep. of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces
11. Financial & administrative Deputy of the MOI
12. Under Secretary of Interior Ministry for Police Affairs
13. Governor of Baghdad
14. Governor of Anbar
15. Commander of ground force
16. Commander of the naval force \ MOD
17. Commander of the Air Force \ MOD
18. Commander of the Army Aviation \ MOD
19. Commander of the Air defense \ MOD
20. Chief of Staff of Army
21. Director General of Intelligence
22. Secretary General of the Defense Council
23. Secretary of department of the supply of food\ MOD
24. Director General of armament and equipment
25. Commander of Baghdad Operations
26. Assistant Chief of Staff of the Army
27. Secretary General of the Defense Council
28. Commander of Ammunition Directorate \ MOD
29. Director General of Planning and Follow-up \ MOI
30. Director General of contracts \ MOI
31. Security Director of the Prime Minister
32. Director General of Iraq's military industries
33. Director of the criminal evidence \ MOI
34. Director of infantry soldiers unite \ MOD
35. Baghdad police chief
36. Director General of state company of Iraqi fairs and commercial services
37. Director General of State Company for textile and leather
38. Director General of Najaf garment factory
39. Director General of Cotton factory
40. Director General of Mosul garment factory
41. Director General of Handmade carpet factory
42. Director General of Al-Saufiyah (Wool) factory
43. Director General of Wasit Textile factory
44. Director General of Ibn-Majid General Company
45. Director General of State Company for automotive industry (S.C.A.I)
46. Director General of State Company for Mining Industries
47. Director General of State Company for Copper and Mechanical Industries
48. Director General of State Company for Steel Industries
49. Director General of State Company for inspection and Engineering Rehabilitation
50. Director General of State Company for Hydraulic Industries
51. Director General of State Company for Food Industries
52. Director General of General Company for Networking and it Services
53. Director General of General Automobiles and Machinery Company
54. Director of the Tobacco and cigarettes factory
55. Director of the dairy factory
56. Director of the vegetable oil factory

Number of Visitors during the exhibition:
  • 577- officer from Ministry of Defense.
  • 513- officer from Ministry of Interior.
  • 792 - officer from other Security institutes.
  • 28 - Director General.

IQDEX International Attendees

IQDEX attracts many attendees from across the world and the surrounding regions of the Middle East, Africa and Asian Subcontinent:

1.United Kingdom        11. United states of America        21.Turkey
2.Japan     12.China     22.Russia
3.Korea     13.Iran     23.Holland
4.Switzerland     14.Sweden     24.Germany
5.Pakistan     15.Montenegro     25.Bulgaria
6.Latvia     16.Czech Republic     26.France
7.Italy     17.Ukraine     27.Australia
8.Serbia     18.Romania     28.Slovakia
9.Canada     19.Spain     29.United Arab Emirates
10.Lebanon     20.Ireland     30.Newzealand

Participants at IQDEX will have the opportunity to meet and engage with:
  • Regional Attendees.
  • An International Audience.
  • Official Delegations.
  • Senior Attendees.