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UNITED Company for Fairs


The United Company for Fairs and Conferences is an Iraqi private company registered at the Ministry of Trade, located in Baghdad. The company aims to activate the Iraqi economy by holding international fairs and conferences which will spare the Government the cost, thus our company is the only company specialized to cover all sessions of the Iraqi Defense Exhibition as it already held the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th sessions. Currently, the Company is preparing to hold the 8th session of the International Defense Exhibition in Iraq - IQDEX.

The company was founded in Baghdad under a certificate of incorporation no. (2-74267) issued by the Ministry of Trade / registration office in November 11, 2009, according to the Iraqi law. It is a private company with limited liability capital of (100,000,000) one hundred million Iraqi dinars.

  • The company is strongly driven to get the best achievements in the field of international exhibitions, seeking to satisfy its customers, to circulate and expand the companies’ knowledge and to work in all production sectors and industrial and commercial service.
  • The company aims to enhance the cooperation between Iraq and the World countries in the fields of economy, technology, information exchange and developments.
  • The company is looking forward to reach a pioneer level among international and local companies by holding international and local fairs and conferences.
  • The company supports the public sector by holding national exhibitions and inviting national and foreign \ companies to participate in.

The Objectives:

1. Contribute in building the national economy by holding fairs and conferences and inviting foreign companies to participate in.
2. Enhance the company capabilities to keep pace with the global economy and to gain experience by participating in foreign international fairs.
3. Support the public sector by holding the local and national fairs and inviting different companies to participate in.
4. Holding the international and local conferences to attract experts who deal with the public and private sector affairs to develop the national economy.
5. Present the researches and suggestions for the public and private sector within the specialty of our company.