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About IRAQ

Iraq - One of the Fastest Growing Emerging Markets in the World

Iraq lies in the south west of Asia and it forms the north east of Arab homeland with an area of (437072 km2). The population of Iraq is about 30 million living in 18 Governorates. The ruling governing system is democratic. Baghdad is the political, economic and cultural capital. Iraq is rich in natural resources such as oil, natural gas, sulfur, phosphate. In addition, Iraq is also rich in water resources where the Tigris & Euphrates pass through it and revive agriculture and the flourishing of palm trees over the plains extended on large areas of its lands. Iraq overlooks the Arab Gulf from its south shaping the sea outlet with many ports.

Iraq needs large investments and significant resources for the reconstruction of all destructive sectors after the fierce attack of ISIS terrorist organization, which led to the destruction of the infrastructure, the citizens' houses and large disbursements on the army and police who achieved the victory of expelling ISIS from our territories.

Iraq seeks to attract capital that wants to invest in one of the most important emerging markets in the world. Iraq has rich natural resources that help to revive its economy and the reconstruction of the important sectors such as (housing - schools - infrastructure - tourism - hotels - health) which require substantial resources, equipment and expertise.

Due to the fall of oil prices in the recent years, Iraq had to borrow from foreign countries to finance and support the Armed Forces during the fight against ISIS. As oil prices improved in 2018 reaching over $60 per barrel, Iraq production reached about 3.9 million bpd which will accelerate the economic recovery and help the country to repay loans and attract big investments to rebuild what was destructed by war.